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Enliven’s mission is to be your personal consultant and concierge desk for health and wellness in Thailand. You can be assured that you will receive the service you deserve when you arrive at the chosen establishment we recommend as Enliven visits and evaluates the services of each institution before recommending to clients.

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Weight Loss Retreats

Our retreats start with education. Personalized for each individual to ensure a customized approach to develop the most effective plan for you. Learn how to reduce and manage your ideal weight with proven systems that are simple, effective and sustainable for the long term. Each retreat includes daily movement, mindset strategies, lifestyle coaching and educational workshops to help you build your ideal blueprint for success based on your goals, specific needs and lifestyle.

Diabetes Reversal Retreats and Coaching

Learn how to implement medically supported and proven programs that can reverse or effectively control Type 2 Diabetes. We focus on nutritional strategies and movement principles that are scientifically effective to reduce insulin resistance, help you reduce and manage your weight, and work towards total reversal of Diabetic related symptoms and risks.

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Lifestyle Transformation Coaching

LTC is designed to personalize all areas of your lifestyle to help you design and implement simple, daily rituals that have an immediate impact in your health, energy and sleep.

Private Fitness Coaching

Designed to help you move better and achieve a higher quality of life, vitality and health through strategic and science based programs that you can do anywhere, anytime with minimal or no equipment.

Group Fitness

The multitude of options and group activities allow for varied, inclusive and effective group fitness programs that encourage participation and results. Programs can be tailored to suit all levels, interests and goals.


Fitness Bootcamps

Bootcamps are a fun, engaging and effective way to get fit with other like minded people. Our Bootcamps are progressive, based on movement, not hard core fitness. Our experienced coaches guide you to improve mobility, strength, posture and increase your energy step by step in a positive and empowering fitness environment.

Nutrition Coaching

Using a science-based approach, supported by our medical advisory team of clinical nutritionists, we help you achieve realistic behaviour modification through sensible nutritional planning. All nutrition programs are designed to support your specific needs and customised to your goals, lifestyle and food / cultural preferences.