Medical concierge service from Enliven means you get the best consultations and treatments, tailor-made to your needs, at no extra cost.

We have staff with extensive experience in the healthcare industry which gives us access to the best doctors and treatments in the best facilities around the country and world.

We know that finding proper medical care can be frustrating and difficult. 

By helping you choose your treatment plans through an array of wellness and medical options, we take the stress away and leave you to focus on your health and healing.

Some of our services include free consultations, tailor-made medical plans utilizing such treatments as western, functional, ayurvedic (to name a few), setting up doctor appointments for you, finding you extensive treatment plans and costing before getting treatment and translation services. 

All this for no extra cost or fee.

Completely transparent and all payments are made to the healthcare facility itself. 


Health and Wellness Concierge


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