Global Distancing 5K: A Virtual Event!

One of our beloved clients, Eric Lyons has started a very exciting initiative which he calls: Global Distancing 5K: A Virtual Event! The event already has people signed up from Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Canada, England, Puerto Rico and elsewhere. This is a free simultaneous event taking place on May 9th to benefit front line Covid 19 responders. Suicides are up. Domestic violence is up. Financial insecurity, worry about health of loved ones and the future outlook are causing tremendous fear & anxiety.  We are looking for ways to propel this message of hope & togetherness around the country and ultimately to billions of our fellow global citizens around the world. 

What is it?

A simultaneous global movement of people committed to completing a 5K on behalf of those on the front lines of the #Covid19 fight. For those who have lost someone to the virus, feel free to complete the 5K in honor of that person.

IMPORTANT: *You are encouraged to select an organization, group or person to raise support & awareness for on your own. You are more familiar with the needs in your own area. Please raise those funds and donate directly to your choice.

This event will showcase people posting live via our Facebook page from around the world. It will also be online for you to share in the moments with people around the world. Follow our FB & IG accounts for these details.

Why are we doing this?

In this historic time of pandemic, global isolation and economic uncertainty, the world is enduring fear & unpredictability our generation has never known. Billions of people are tired of a lack of ability to move and connect with others as they desire. Many of us have great fear over the uncertainty of our friends, family, jobs or businesses. We’re ALL ready to resume a life unafraid. We are a collective body who wants to recognize the brave who are fighting to protect us from Covid-19 and to recognize those who gave all.

Who is the 5K for?

This is a call to all of our fellow global neighbors around the world. Athlete or non-athlete. Walkers, runners, wheelchairs and anyone in between. All ages. This global gathering is for ALL who cherish life and want to share a few safe moments with others who understand what we all are enduring. Let’s erase those boundaries between us for just a moment. Sign-up and share the event with your friends and family around the world. Together we are better.

When is the event?

The run will take place May 9, 2020 at 7:30 AM central standard time zone. For a list of city start times globally click here. If unsure about the start time in your location, send us a message via our Contact Us page, Facebook or Instagram. Or go to this Time Zone website.

Where is the event?

All around the world. Your participation can take place anywhere it is safe and not against any local rules or laws governing social distancing or shelter in place. Outside the home. Park. Stairwell. Street. We have runners, walkers and bikers from every continent and need YOU to make this event complete.

How do I join the event?

  1. Register HERE

  2. Follow us on Facebook

  3. Follow us on Instagram

  4. Pick an organization, group or person to raise support, encouragement, funds for

  5. Share event website or Facebook event link with ALL of your friends

This event will showcase people posting live via our Facebook page from around the world. It will also be streamed online via a platform to be shared in advance of May 9th.

* More info on the Live Stream to follow *

Follow our FB & IG accounts for details.

If you do decide to join the 5K initiative, take a photo and send it over to us ( We will share it with Eric and the community!

Thank you, stay safe and healthy!

Information shared by Devi Bajaj

Executive Director of Enliven Concierge

Links related to the importance of movement and exercise during covid:

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