The Importance of #Kindness and #Compassion, Especially During #Covid19

After hearing a gut-wrenching recount of a friend who was tested positive for #covid19, I knew I had to write a post on the importance of #kindness and #compassion.

Don't get me wrong, the medical care which the friend and the family received was not the issue (they said the team that cared for them were heroes <3). It makes me sad to say that it was the people around them. Mind you, not only did this dear person test positive, so did others in the family. Now, if you could just take a second and try and imagine what was going through their minds. They were probably terrified. All they needed from anyone that knew they had tested positive were #wellwishes, #support, and #positivity.

It's understandable that fear blinds people at a time like this, but please do remember that anyone who contracts this virus doesn’t choose to, especially if they had been doing their part by practicing #socialdistancing/#physicaldistancing, trying to #stayhome when they can, and of course being sure to wash their hands often.

If you hear that someone has been tested positive, the first thing you need to do is verify it before spreading any rumours. As soon as I heard that this friend may have the virus, I checked in with someone close to them who confirmed that it was true. The friend said that they were doing well, although very overwhelmed and they would tell me about it themselves when they were ready. Once I heard it was factual, all I wanted to do was offer well wishes and any help I could, but I waited to hear from them. When they reached out to our friends, we all responded by offering support and love.

Although we live in a time filled with unknowns, there is one thing I'm certain of, and that is my message to society about the importance of #kindness and #compassion, must be heard.

Written by Devi Bajaj

Executive Director of Enliven Concierge

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