Who is Enliven?


Enliven is your personal consultant and concierge desk for health, wellness and age management in Thailand.
Enliven helps you find the best options available, in Thailand, tailored to your individual needs and personal goals. Our network of professional experts and executives provide extensive experience in health, wellness and age management, as well as hospitality and transportation teams. Enliven visits and evaluates the services of every institution and establishment within our network, before making unbiased client recommendations.

Enliven offers the service you deserve, before and during your stay in Thailand. Our health, wellness and age management services range from the most basic options to complex customized packages, for discerning individual clients and business leaders with hectic schedules, as well as for groups and families that wish to experience health and wellness collectively.
Enliven consultancy and concierge services in Thailand take an integrative approach to health and wellbeing. Detox at a luxury resort, make a total lifestyle transformation in private seclusion, tend to health issues, alleviate stress, or array concerns of possible future illnesses with the advanced technological predictive genetic testing, as just some of the options available. 

Enliven provides you with the best choices for these services and more, within Thailand, a renowned world-class destination for medical tourism and wellness.
Enliven can advise and schedule your appointments in a flexible manner, to accommodate even the most demanding of schedules. We arrange consultations and treatments with single or multiple medical and wellness professionals, in a seamless fashion.
Enliven is also able to assist in planning your whole trip – we recommend the most convenient locations, according to your appointments and in line with your requirements. We can help with hotel and restaurant bookings and have private vehicles, ready to serve you, upon request.
The Enliven Team takes care of the details, so you can focus on the most important aspect: You!


Medical Concierge


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