Thailand is well known as a thriving tourist destination, and for good reason.  It boasts cultural tradition, modern cities, friendly people, beautiful beaches and islands and scenic mountain sides.

Apart from all Thailand boasts for tourists, it is almost as equally well-known for its medical tourism industry.  Patients from all over the world come to Thailand to experience its top-class healthcare leading the system to grow approx 14% every year.

The Thai government is supporting this endeavor by extending its permission to stay for such reasons to an extra 19 countries identified as a potential source of medical tourists.

Thai, large-scale western hospitals are predominantly accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International) and therefore equipped to deal with patients from around the world with their highly skilled doctors and healthcare professionals.

While having some of the best western hospitals in the world, Thailand also caters to those patients looking for alternative options such as functional medicine, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine and a wide range of other options.

Along with being one of the top healthcare providers, Thailand is also one of the most affordable countries for healthcare compared to others.  Compared to European, Australian or American standards even the biggest of procedures are only a fraction of the price.  This matched with 5-star services, top-trained staff and being able to experience a beautiful tourist destination make sit the perfect fit for anyone looking at the option of treatment abroad.


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