Staying Healthy During #covid19: Diet (Part 1 of 4)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Life has changed a lot for everyone since #covid19 has emerged, but we must do whatever we can to consciously keep ourselves as healthy as possible. In order to do this, we need to be mindful of our diet (parts 1 and 2), exercise regularly (part 3), and also find ways to ensure that our mental health is taken care of (part 4). In this first part of series about staying healthy during #covid19, the focus is going to be on diet, particularly drinks. I will share two of my favorite local places to order healthy beverages from here in Bangkok.

There's a wide array of literature on how to boost the immune system, and after sifting through for hours, I can confidently say that I agree with two professionals: Rosemary Cook (a registered nurse and holistic nutritionist) and Dr. Vivian DeNise (adult integrative medical specialist), both from Garden City Center for Integrative Health based in New York City. Cook says, “strengthening or boosting the immune system during this difficult time is of the utmost importance. A healthy immune system can defeat an invasion of a bacteria or virus or organism that is going to come to the host, which is your body.”

Dr. DeNise adds, Consume a balanced diet that includes protein, fruits and vegetables, Avoid refined sugar, processed foods (which often contain monosodium glutamate or MSG) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), all of which will inhibit the body from doing its best work, she warns. Blending fruits and vegetables into juices and smoothies is a great way to get lots of nutrients into your diet. Frozen vegetables are dense in vitamins and minerals. Dr. DeNise notes. Cook also states that gelatin-rich bone broth supports gut health and the immune system, and fermented vegetables like sauerkraut are great probiotics and also are rich in vitamin C.”

The 2 local businesses below support Cook and Dr. DeNise's statements:

Genius Bar BKK

Darren Liu, the owner of Bangkok's first bone broth cafe explains his product to us:

"Bone broth is one of the most ancestral foods you can consume, meaning we’ve been drinking for thousands of years as a human species. Our ancestors have been eating nose-to-tail of their catch, making use of not only the nutrient-rich organs and meat, but by brewing all the bones, marrow, connective tissues, cartilage and the rest in boiling water. This way, they could have gone days (even weeks) without eating because they had enough animal stock to keep them alive and thriving. One of the main health benefits of good quality bone broth is that it promotes gut and digestive health by way of the natural collagen and gelatin that contain amino acids such as glutamine — which supports a healthy inflammatory response.

Genius Bar offers 3 options for broths

  1. Beef Broth (made with grass-fed beef bones from local farms in Thailand)

  2. Chicken Broth (made with organic chicken bones, both antibiotic and hormone-free)

  3. Mushroom Elixir Broth (homemade recipe made with 100% organic medicinal mushrooms from our own farm in Wang Nam Khiao in the Northeast of Thailand). The medicinal mushrooms include: Lion’s mane (cognitive and nerve support), cordyceps (helps with energy, blood flow), agaricus (helps control blood sugar)

What makes Genius Bar unique is that they hand-blend fresh herbs (such as cilantro, ginger, garlic, turmeric) for extra flavor and health benefits. They also have a premium add-in: pasture-raised beef gelatin powder for extra natural collagen and protein.

Order yours now via Instagram @geniusbar.bkk, FoodPanda or LineMan:

  • Small size: 135 Baht

  • Large size: 175 Baht

  • Unlimited Add-ins: 15 Baht

  • 1 Liter Frozen broth packages: 340 Baht

My preferred choice is the Mushroom Elixir Broth! I like to get the large packages to keep in my fridge. That way when I have a craving, I just need to pour it into a cup, warm it up, and it's ready to drink!

Three Goats Kombucha

For those of you who have never heard of or tried kombucha, Dietician Maxine Smith, RD, LD from The Cleveland Clinic explains what it is: “Kombucha is fermented from tea (usually black, though sometimes green) and a sweetener (perhaps white sugar, agave or honey). The end result? A slightly fizzy drink that’s probiotic-rich, meaning it contains live bacteria and yeasts or healthy little microbes that benefits your digestive system. Some of kombucha’s health benefits are similar to those of other fermented foods, like yogurt, kefir and raw (live) fermented pickles or sauerkraut,” I've been a fan of kombucha for years (my sister can attest to my obsession with GTS Kombucha while I visited her in New York last year) but I haven't been able to find a local brand that I truly loved. Enter: Three Goats Brewery! I first tried their deliciousness about two weeks ago when I saw it on the Paleo Robbie website. After enjoying the Orange Cinnamon flavor, I decided to try the Shiso Plum, and now I'm hooked to both!

Vanessa from Three Groats Brewery says, “we want to make this probiotic drink an all-day healthy refreshment for you! Our brewers love to experiment, combining the traditional way of Kombucha brewing with the brewing of craft beer, and cooking itself. The selected ingredients run from fruits, spices, herbs to hops! We believe that good tastes must come from the quality of the ingredients, so we avoid all artificial flavors in our fermentation. You can enjoy our kombucha and be assured that all the good taste come from natural flavors and fermentation only.”

Here is their menu:

  1. Honey Lemon Hops (black tea/green tea/longan honey/lemon peel/citra hops/cascade hops)

  2. Thai Thai (black tea/green tea/galanga/lemongrass/lime/kaffir lime/chili)

  3. Orange Cinnamon (black tea/green tea/cinnamon/orange peel/star anise)

  4. Shiso Plum (black tea/green tea/salted plum/Japanese shiso leaf)

  5. 10,000 Miles Hops (organic green tea/hom meun li/mosaic hops)

Order yours now via Instagram @threegoatsbrewery or LINE @threegoatskombucha

  • 240ml for 120 Baht

  • 500ml for 260 Baht

  • 1,000 ml for 540 Baht

So there you have it: options for home delivery of nutritious beverages to keep you healthy during covid19. Our next post will be focused on three of my favorite local businesses for healthy snacks and treats including brownies and ice cream. Click here to read it!

Written by Devi Bajaj

Executive Director of Enliven Concierge

Disclaimer: Nothing on this post is sponsored content.

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